Jerry Dubeau

Born and raised in Rutland, Vermont, Jerry started making his first few dollars as a musician at the age of 14 on the drums after studying for three years with a European immigrant master named Napoleon Ianni. Three years later, kicked over to the keyboard after receiving a Wurlitzer electric piano for High School graduation, he helped found a country/rock band named Tiger Rose. This band, despite the fact that it was stylistically out of touch with the Disco craze prevalent at the time, evolved into a steady working club act.

After combining forces with another country/rock combo called Seabird which had relocated to Vermont from Virginia Beach, Jerry continued to work steadily in clubs and as a top-call opening concert act as a member of the Seabird band until the mid 1980s. At that time, finding himself at loose ends after a divorce and dwindling gigs, he accepted an offer to join up as a side-man to his first touring Nashville star, Jeannie C. Riley! He proved to be an asset on the road and ended up going on to work with Donna Fargo, Stonewall Jackson, Jo-El Sonnier and Billy Walker.

After ten years as a "road dog" and occasional session cat he 'got tired of traveling and decided to settle down.' He accepted a club gig offer on Bourbon St. in New Orleans in 1996 and has lived in the Big Easy ever since. He has been honing his songwriting skills since his first effort, "Live for Today" was presented to frat rats in 1975.

You can catch a sample of his songwriting prowess here: