Connie Zimmermann

Connie is the bass player for "Cookin' With Gas!" She started playing music at 8 years old when her fabulous parents bought her a small Magnus Chord Organ. Soon after, they refurbished an old Bradbury baby grand piano. During the years since then, she played clarinet and oboe in elementary, middle and high school, and then picked up acoustic guitar. Christmas of 1999 her wonderful sister gave her an Ibanez Bass Guitar and that started her new musical direction.

Connie is a member of the Louisiana Songwriters Association and considers herself a writer of "novelty" songs. You can hear an examples of her original music here:
"The Schnauzer Blues" (performed by Jefferson Bus Stop)
"A Sweet Waltz For Mother" (performed by Ron Hotstream)
"A Proud American" (performed by Dawn Leaumont)
"What I Love About Christmas" (performed by The Jingle Janglers)

or if you have an I-Tunes account...
you can purchase a download of her Christmas tune, "What I Love About Christmas!"
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She is married to Roger Shah, a super sweet guy and an appreciator of GREAT OLDIES DANCE MUSIC!

She played bass and did some singing for two years in the local oldies band Jefferson Bus Stop. She and Adam Hayward were bandmates for one of those years.

She loves Oldies & Dance Music, and appreciates the efforts of her two guitar teachers over the years... Ron Hotstream, of the bands Dr. A Go-Go and The Wingtips! & Glenn Farley, of the band No Idea.