Alan Maraman

After beating up all of his Mom's pots and pans in 1963, his dad borrowed a marching snare drum from one of his coworkers and young Alan was off to Vicksburg Mississippi STARDOM (HA HA).

Soon after, a little before the Beatles came across the big pond, he acquired a new set of no name Sears & Roebuck bright red sparkle drums. It wasn't long till he ran into his first lead guitar player and they started their first band, The Phantoms.

There they were; Sears & Roebuck no names, a Fender Mustang guitar and an old reel to reel tape player for amplification. They used old transistor radios, with the guts ripped out, (only the small speaker left), for microphones.

Alan, along with most of the rest of the band, was a proud member of the then best known High School Band in Mississippi, Warren Central's BIG BLUE BAND. This H.S. band went to many invitational marching and concert contest, and they always came home with the money.

Later Alan married his H.S. sweetheart The Drum Major of that Band.

Alan has many fond memories from that band, lots of thanks for his two directors, and a great appreciation for his H.S. principal for setting him straight and putting up with BIG BLUE. Oh well... back to his little Band: As time went on they picked up the rest of the rock and roll band, and of course, more equipment.

By the 7th grade they were playing for the senior parties at Warren Central High School. They had the BIG HEADS and started recording at a local Vicksburg home studio. Around this time they added a lead singer and horns, uniforms, a managerial group. The band went on to do college dances,small town proms, local and distant dance halls and our favorite, and big money-maker, The Vicksburg City Auditorium.

Where did all the money go???? Alan bought himself a New set of Slingerland Drums, Double Bass, probably a thousand pair of sticks, $400.00 dollar cymbals and on and on. They bought all the big amps, light systems, ect, etc.

He went on to play with a lot of the local bands around home and a band from Jackson Mississippi. They were about all the same age, and ultimately there came High School Graduation. At graduation, in 1971, he was awarded The Marines Youth Foundation - Distinguished Musicians Award - along with an invite to play in the Marine Band.

The old band would get together from time to time and play for something or another, but the College scene put and end to them. Alan used his musical talent to aquire scholarships to the University of Southern Mississippi and Louisiana Tech University. After school he went to work as an Electronic Technician at the Vicksburg Chemical plant. At their 10 yr class reunion they were asked to get up there and play on the hired band's equipment. After about an hour they started getting back in the CLICK, so they stopped before their heads "swole up." That became a tradition at every reunion.

At Louisiana Tech the instructors always said if you want to make money in this state you got to go to Baton Rouge. Later he found they were right, so here he came and has been in a paper mill for 28 yrs.

He banged around with a band or two, did a few company picnics in the parking lot. He later met up with some great guitar players and they won a few Weekend Warriors Concerts in B.R. About the time he was ready to just give this mess up an opportunity came up to join a band playing good ole ROCK AND ROLL, so here goes COOKIN' WITH GAS and Alan says, "May the FORCE be with us!"