Adam Hayward

Adam grew up in the sweet country air of central Louisiana, on the front porch, watching and listening to his Dad jam for hours on end on his acoustic guitar, to the BLUES. In his teens, the Hayward family moved into the city of New Orleans, and settled in the historic uptown area. With great fortune, the house also has a cozy front porch, on which Adam, his Dad and other assorted family and friends jam whenever possible.

At about 18 years old, Adam bought his first electric guitar. Connie Zimmermann (of this band) had recently met Adam through a mutual friend, and he displayed a few minutes of his natural lead-guitar talent. Connie was TOTALLY impressed with this teenager, as Adam had never had a day of lessons, other than watching his Dad. He didn't know the names of the notes, or any chords, for that matter, but his lead skills and style were undeniable.

Adam is very fond of the guitar stylings of Stevie Ray Vaughn & Chuck Berry and you can catch a little of their flavor in Adam's riffs from time to time.

Adam and Connie were bandmates in Jefferson Bus Stop, and in addition to Cookin' With Gas, Adam is the lead guitar player in Generations.

You can catch him playing his: Stevie Ray edition of the Fender Strat, or his Carvin.

Adam is now 21 years old, and has a LOT to offer the world of music!